Custom Door Gasket

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Build a cooler door gasket exactly to your specs!  Ordering a custom cooler door gasket is an easy process, and the result is gasket that fits perfect on the first try.

Step 1: Select the profile that best matches your existing gasket.  If you are unsure that the profile matches, you can use the measurements shown to compare and verify.
Step 2: Measure your existing gasket outside corner to outside corner.  Enter these measurement to the neareast eighth of an inch.
Step 3: Select your desired color, gray or black.  Note that some gaskets are available only in gray and other are available only in black.
Step 4: Select the shape of your gasket. 4S is a standard 4 sided gasket.  3T is for a 3-sided walk in gasket.  3S is used on certain glass doors.

4 SidedThis is a regular 4-sided door gasket. It is the most common gasket shape.

3 Sided Walk-inThis 3-sided gasket style is usually used for walk-in cooler doors.

3 Sided Glass DorThis 3-sided gasket style is usually used on certain glass display doors.

This might seem complicated, but if you have any question, you can reach us at 877-434-1985, or via chat.